Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our Stay in the DVC Studio at Disney's Polynesian Resort

We'd like to thank everyone for checking out our review of the Polynesian Bora Bora Bungalows. We had a lot of positive response and appreciate the feedback and your questions.

It was hard to check-out of the bungalow that morning, but at least we weren't on our way home just yet. Our last night of this trip was going to be spent in one of the new DVC Studios in the Polynesian's Moorea Longhouse Lagoon View Room. We didn't take too many pictures (or quality ones at that) but we thought the theme of the building was done really well. In the elevator lobby on each floor are sitting areas with mid-modern furniture and 50's style travel-themed artwork. The hallways carried the theme with fun tiki light fixtures and an orange/red prime color scheme. The colors mixed with the wood tone darkened the hall quite a bit.

We drew room number 2023, which put us about 1/2 way between the elevator and the side closest to the main buildings.

We mostly stay in DVC Studio rooms so the first surprise for us was the actual size of the room with the extra bathroom. Most DVC Studios have a bathroom that can only fit a tub and toilet with double-vanity sinks outside in the main room. This room had a large bathroom with a tub, sink, and toilet PLUS another bathroom with shower and sink. Not sure why they didn't change the layout to get another toilet in, but it was still an upgrade from a regular studio. In the morning we each used a separate shower at the same time to get ready and this worked out really well.

Opposite the bathrooms was a closet with full-size electronic safe (no stupid key on a bracelet).

The main room was where we found the queen bed, 2 night stands (another Studio win), pullout couch, table, chairs, and coffee table. Under the flatscreen TV was the pullout bed. The theme was carried through very well with the artwork and room accessories.
Borrowed from tiki manages.com
Borrowed from tikimanpages.com
We were in a hurry to get to the pool! Sorry for the bad picture.
Bedding, chairs, art, lamps, couch, mirror all in one photo
We really enjoyed the view from the room:

Our balcony had a small table and two chairs. Later in the evening we sat on the balcony until around 12:30am and found it very pleasant and relaxing. We watched Wishes in the park (From the new Fastpass+ area which was nice) that night so we do not have any comments on what fireworks are like from the room.

You think the horns are loud from the Bungalows? Try Moorea. Holly said she heard the first horn at 5:30am. We were getting up anyway so on this day it did not bother us. We're coming back in September for a longer stay in these rooms so we will see how the horns really impact us then. As much as the horns could be a detraction, the proximity to TTC is awesome. In less than 3 minutes from leaving the room we were on line for a Magic Kingdom Monorail. This will be beneficial on Epcot days.

At first we were convinced that our upcoming September trip will be our last stay at the Polynesian's DVC units because home resort members will book this up before we'll get a chance to reserve a room seven months out. But since these are studios we may get lucky from time-to-time since many people prefer the one bedroom units. We'll see how it goes in September, but as of now we are fans of this new DVC offering.

For some better pictures of the room, hallway, and sitting areas in Moorea check out tikimanpages.com and wdwinfo.com. Inside the Magic also has a short video tour of the studios.

And now we present Tonga Toast:


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