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We are making Race Chase: Expert Advice about Seeing Your Runner on Race Day, our guide to spectating a distance race, FREE!  Click on any Race Chase hyperlink to get a downloadable version.


Do you have a family member or friend running a race?

Do you want to give them your support and see them multiples times on the course?

Race Chase:  Expert Advice about Seeing Your Runner on Race Day was written with you the spectator in mind.  Whether this is the first race you're being dragged to or you've visited this rodeo before, our book will give you everything you need to conquer the day as the coolest spectator and fan ever!

We've put together over 40 pages of information and that covers such topics as:

  • Course Planning and Analysis
  • Transportation
  • Using Technology to your Advantage
  • Navigating the Race Expo
  • Pre-race Prep
  • Taking Advantage of Magic Merges
  • Photography and Videography
  • Supplies for you and your Runner
  • Maximizing your View along the Course
  • Bonus Section:  Spectating Walt Disney World's Marathon Weekend Events
  • Plus More!

Why did we write Race Chase:  Expert Advice about Seeing Your Runner on Race Day?  Race day can be difficult for the spectator:  Travel may be involved to an unfamiliar destination. There are early morning wake-up calls.  Their family member or friend running the race is a bit nervous and acting a little crazy.  They may not feel comfortable navigating road closures and race barricades.  Many spectators see their runner at the start and finish line only, leaving them with up to 6 hours of idle time that could have been spent watching the race the whole day.

Dave Aulen, the author, has spectated 30+ marathons and just as many half marathons/shorter distance races.  He's turned spectating into a challenge and can often see his runners along the marathon course seven or more times (his record is 16).  Dave's been at this for eight years now and has spectated races in major cities with 35,000 participants as well as rural races with a couple hundred participants.  Each course is unique and presents a different set of challenges.  Race Chase:  Expert Advice about Seeing Your Runner on Race Day takes everything he has learned and places it all in one handy digital document.  THIS IS ADVICE BY THE SPECTATOR FOR THE SPECTATOR!  If you are a runner, this book will give you some tips for race day and help you prepare with your spectator for a fun event!

Your digital download (PDF) book contains over 40 pages of advice, photos, real-life race course illustrations, and resource lists.   Having it digitally enables us to deliver it to you immediately.  Once you've downloaded the product you can print it out, or view it on your tablets, laptops, and smartphones (handy on race day).  

Check out a few sample pages below:

Read (and hear) what others have to say:
"Having run multiple races where Dave popped up all over the course...while I don't know about local laws, it seems like he breaks the laws of physics.... What's even more amazing than the way Dave shows up all over the course is the fact that as a runner I can easily spot him in the crowds." 
Michael Miller, avid runner Alexandria, VA
"I've run 3 marathons with Dave's wife Holly, and I've always been amazed at the numbers of times that we have seen Dave throughout the course. As we are competing in the marathon, Holly and I both know that Dave is competing to see us as many times as he can. I've enjoyed a couple of late evening strategy sessions with Dave that involves him studying maps and talking to locals and officials. There is nothing Dave wouldn't do to help his runners out and to capture the moments of the race. He is simply the best at chasing us." 
"Fast" Eddie McCoy, avid runner Villa Rica, GA
Mentioned on Episode 104 (and many other times) of The Mickey Miles Podcast (Listen).

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