Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet Tizzel


On the latest season of Survivor Boston Rob admitted that he named the merged tribe after one of Amber's stuffed animals. If he can admit that to millions we can make a similar statement on a blog only a few folks will read.

Tizzel is a bear Dave bought Holly many years ago. He comes from a very humble background and has wiggled his way out of poverty by breaking the bank at a local casino. Even with all his money he still sells his wood crafts (birdhouses and such) at a kiosk in the local mall. He also hosts an afternoon syndicated tv talk show.

"Tizzel" has always been a go-to name in our house. The router needs a name: Tizzel. Dave's iPhone is Tizzel. Team Tizzel made its first appearance at Walt Disney World in October 2010 at the disneyfoodblog Foodie Fest.. Since we've used him as a team mascot before.........We Are Team Tizzel!

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