Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun Day

A few weeks ago holly ran the Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon in Goshen, IN. As some of you can imagine, indoor marathons are not the best events for spectators. Once Dave came back to the race from lunch he settled in to watch 3.5 hours of Holly running around in circles. To thank him for his support, Holly declared the next Saturday Fun Day! Dave got to pick the events for the weekend.

Saturday kicked off with lunch at Paradise Pup in Des Plaines, Il. We saw this place on a local show called Chicago's Best and it was also featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. The burger was the showcase item here. They use Merck's cheese spread and place the bun crown with the cheese on top of the meat to melt it together with the grilled onions. Awesome! The onion rings were excellent too. While here, Dave also ordered the Chicago Style Hot Dog. We've lived in Illinois for 17 years and he's never had one. He didn't like it. Too much junk on it.

The next stop was just down the road, The Rivers Casino. This recently opened casino has been on Dave's radar for a while. It's relatively small but offers a few good dining options, nice bars, and a great parking garage. They tell you how many spaces are available on each level and there are little lights above the cars that are red for occupied and green for empty. You can easily look down a row and tell where an empty space is. Genius. We played a few slots and Dave even got to play his favorite machine Mermaid's Wonder. He really enjoys how the graphics overlay the mechanical reels and the mini games are fun. After donating a few dollars we had a drink at the bar and took off.

Our next stops were in Libertyville. First, Lovin' Oven Bakery for some dessert items. Dave got a Napoleon and Holly got a Red Velvet slice. These were huge portions and lasted us two servings.

Up next, The Firkin. This is one of the area's best beer bars. Great selections on draft and in bottle, plus really good food. We went for the Left Hand Milk Stout (of course) on nitro.

We picked up dinner from our favorite Chinese place in Mundelin (i.e. our favorite place for Chinese food, not our favorite place in all of Mundelein) China Court.
Time to get back to Fox Lake. We decided to try one of the newer bars by our house and we got a pleasant surprise. The Route 12 Bar and Grill actually had decent craft beers. The staff was very friendly and a few of the patrons were raving about the food. This place has made it into our rotation (ok we went there one more time after fun day, but we like it).

Bonus Fun!
We extended Fun Day a bit by going out for breakfast. We've lived just a few miles from KC's Cabin for almost ten years and never visited the place. We both had the Hangover Helper which contained hash browns, peppers, bacon, ham, and cheese (egg optional). Delicious! Even bigger bonus: a skeet ball machine and Big Buck Hunter Safari Edition. Fun! The rest of the day was filled with watching Mad Men on Netflix and playing some PS3.

Awesome weekend!

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