Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back from Peru

Team Tizzel is back in the U.S. after spending a week in Peru. This trip was three years in the making and exceeded our expectations. With that said, expect to see some reports and posts here over the next few weeks related to our trip. To celebrate our return we're posting an "ugly" photo (created in Percolator).

In other Team Tizzel news: We booked our plans for Labor Day Weekend. We're heading to Oregon for the Sunriver Marathon (Holly running, Dave snacking). This race takes place in what looks like a beautiful mountain setting. The race benefits breast cancer charities. Also booked that weekend: The Bend Beer Bus. Bend, Oregon has many brewpubs and is very close to the Sunriver area.

It's almost time for us to start our fundraising efforts as part of Team Allears. We may have some wacky stunt up-our-sleeves so stay tuned.


  1. That picture from Oregon looks awesome! Hopefully this will be another case of you two scouting out a future vacation spot for me & Brian!

    1. It does look pretty nice. Lots of National Forest Areas surrounding the area, and Bend (which equals beer) is only 15 miles away.

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