Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Costume Party

Leave it to us to come up with an idea for a Halloween post two weeks late.

One year we decided to put our dog Rufus in a Halloween costume. It gave us a good laugh and we've kept up the tradition. The poor dog has to tolerate it just long enough for pictures and the walk around the neighborhood in hopes of entertaining the neighbors. Many of these photos are hanging in Dave's office. The disguises are so good people often ask how many dogs we have.

These were actually pretty decent costumes. He was ok with the pirate hat and put-up long enough with the Darth Vader helmet.

The dinosaur outfit was a train wreck for him. The head kept falling down so he couldn't see. At one point he bumped his head into the coffee table.

The bee outfit worked out well. He was kind of neutral on the monkey outfit.

Both of these outfits were the same year. Both were just too funny to pass up. We like the guy's face in the submarine porthole.

Last year we went with the jockey and this year the hot dog. We can't get him to sit still anymore like he did in the first photos.

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