Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Collections: Monorail Playset

For some Walt Disney World fans one of the most iconic images of the parks is the Walt Disney Wold Monorail. It's part transportation, part tour guide. During our last long trip to WDW we bought the Monorail Playset along with the add-on Contemporary Hotel. Eventually we added on The Polynesian.

Our version of the set (not the one pictured here) is Monorail Blue and came with some different figures than the ones pictured with this set. We have Br'er Rabbit and Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc.

The train is battery operated. You move a switch to turn it on to go forward, or move the switch the other way to go backwards. There's headlights. Portions of the Monorail spiel plays at random intervals, or can be played by pressing a button on the top. The doors and roof open so you can play with the figures, or just throw them all in because they just fall down anyway. The Disneyland version of the toy is remote controlled.

Here are two short videos. The first video we shot with the GoPro one afternoon and the second is a video we found on YouTube of a more complete set.



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