Monday, June 3, 2013

Star Wars Weekend Dash

We hoped you enjoyed the daily updates from our latest Disney trip. We're still sorting through photos and videos so I think it's a safe bet a few more Disney related posts are coming up. Today's post is no different.

While we were in the parks Star Wars Weekends were occurring in the Disney Hollywood Studios park. For Four weeks The Studios is all about Star Wars with a character parade and meet & greets, presentations, merchandise, and shows. In prior years we spent our time watching the parades and getting pictures with characters so this year we decided to concentrate on presentations.

While we were in The Animal Kingdom Park Friday we talked about seeing the presentation by Warwick Davis. He was Wicket, the lead Ewok in "Return of the Jedi" and the lead role in the movie "Willow". We weren't smart enough that morning to research what time the show was. We decided to do this after sitting down for lunch around 12:30. We found out the show was only playing once a day - at 1:45. That wouldn't work for our schedule Saturday or Sunday. Today was it. After a few minutes of contemplating we decided to go for it. We scarfed down our lunches in 5 minutes and were off.

A few things were in our favor: We drove to Animal Kingdom that day so no buses to wait for. We were staying at The Boardwalk, which meant we could access the Studios via the walking path. We figured this would be quicker than parking at the Studios and getting pushed way far back in the parking lot.
Started at purple pin. Red is walking, blue is driving.

Note:  Holly does not think Warwick Davis or the Ewoks are stupid.  Running in the heat was bringing out those comments.

If you skipped watching the video, you will be happy to know we made it. It wasn't pretty. That was the hottest day of the trip and walking a quick clip in that heat right after eating wasn't a great idea. Dave was contemplating buying a new t-shirt for the rest of the day. It was worth it because the presentation was very good. If Warwick Davis is in your neighborhood be sure to go see him.

Our friends at recorded the entire show.  Here's the video they posted on Youtube.

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