Monday, November 4, 2013

Star Wars and Disney One Year Later

Around this time last year Disney announced it was purchasing Lucasfilms for over 4 billion dollars. In that announcement we also learned that we were finally getting the third trilogy. Dave will admit this made him tear up a little. He's always felt ripped off he was never getting those films. He should have been one of the folks interviewed for The People vs. George Lucas.

So a year has gone by and what do we know? The first movie in the new trilogy will be released in 2015 with J.J. Abrams directing. That should be awesome. We are also getting "filler" movies in the gap years between the trilogies. So far we believe Han Solo and Boba Fett origin films will be released. Nice. We can potentially have a new Star Wars film every year in perpetuity. The Clone Wars TV show was cancelled, but it is being replaced by Star Wars Rebels - which will focus on the rise of the Empire. Rumors are there will be some form of TV program based on Darth Vader. A couple projects were scrapped like a new Star Wars video game and Seth Green's Detours series.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the agreement, here's Dave in his 1977 Jawa Halloween costume (the mask was C-3PO spray painted mostly black so the eyes would appear to glow) and some fan art that floated around the Internet last year.

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