Monday, April 14, 2014

The Rest of Atlanta

While in Atlanta for the Publix's Georgia Marathon were able to hit a few attractions.

Our hotel was attached to the CNN Center and across the street from Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park. This is where the bomb went off during the Atlanta Summer Olympics in 1996. It's a nice sized area with wide open spaces and plenty of Olympic-related sculptures and fountains.

Adjacent to the park is The World of Coca-Cola. It's a museum dedicated to Coca-Cola the product and the company. Boy was this place crowded. There were lots of fun displays highlighting changes in the brand and our culture over the past 100+ years. One of the best features was The Tasting Room where you can sample over 60 different soda flavors from around the world.


As mentioned in our race report we had a chance to see the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial and National Site.

Our last stop before catching our flight out of town (ok second-to-last since we had time to catch a beer downtown) was the Margaret Mitchell House. This was the home of the author of Gone with the Wind. The house is part tribute to the author as well as part tribute to the film.

We were in Atlanta less than 48 hours and accomplished a lot: lunches, dinners, and drinks out with friends, two museums, one park, one historic site, a rotating bar, furry convention. Oh yeah, and Holly ran a marathon.


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