Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 Disneyland Half Marathon Race Report and Video

While in Disneyland a few weeks ago we participated in a few runDisney races. Dave participated in the 10K and Holly participated in the Dumbo Double Dare - which is a combination of the 10K day 1 and a half marathon day 2. Here is the report for the Half Marathon with video.

Holly's Half Marathon Report

It was time for me to start day 2 of the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge with the half marathon. I ran the Disneyland Half in 2010 and was looking forward to seeing the course again. It was nice to sleep in until until 4:00 am and make it to the corral with plenty of time to spare. Dave opted to sleep-in this morning and not catch the start line action.

I was pretty tired from all the park touring we had been doing and the 10k from the day before. I was just hoping to have some fun and finish under 3 hours.This time I would be running with my good friend Stan.

The national anthem was much better this morning and we even had a few fireworks.

We started off and we were in California Adventure before we knew it. They had the Green Army Men and Lightning and Tow Mater out in Cars Land. I love the World of Color lighted fountains in this park.

Then it was on to Disneyland. We ran up Main Street and as Stan said to me. "This never gets old". I agree. while I am taking a break from Disney races after this one, running up Main Street in either park is the best part! At the end of Main Street we saw the Three Caballeros and then we ran by Darth Vader in Tomorrowland. After a quick run through the tiny castle I expected a princess photo opp. I was surprised there were no princesses waiting for us. They did have a few villains out by Small World, but we didn’t stop for any characters in the parks. I was feeling good and didn’t want to stop. We saw Dave when we left Disneyland and Stan grabbed a big sip of his coffee.

Now for the boring part. The course goes through Industrial parks. Disney does do a good job of trying to liven it up. They bring in marching bands, hula dancers, Mexican dancers and, a new part for me, tons of classic and custom cars. They went on for at least a mile. It really broke up the race.

After that we approached Angels Stadium. This is honestly my favorite part (besides Main Street). You get to run under the tunnel and come out on to the field and run around. They bring in a TON of boy and girl scouts and they are cheering for you like you are a pro ball player. It is amazing.

After the Stadium, it’s back through the streets of Anaheim with a bunch of bands to cheer us on. We were having fun and I was feeling good, but starting to get tired. Our pace was good and I was pleasantly surprised. Eventually we made it back to Downtown Disney and the finish line was in sight. We got a cheer from Dave and waved to race announcer Rudy once again. Finished up in 2:39, which is a Disney PR for me. I was happy to get my Dumbo Doubble Dare medal and another Coast to Coast medal. It was a fun race. Thanks for being my running buddy Stan! And of course thanks Dave for race chasing.

Dave's Comments

I slept in. I showered and sat around the room doing Facebook waiting for the "I started" text. A text came in telling me they were in Disneyland (no signal at the actual start). Shoot! I hauled it over to the 4 mile mark and didn't have too long to wait to see Holly and Stan, then the rest of the crew. I walked back to Disneyland Hotel, got coffee and a chocolate croissant, wrote a blog post, then moved to the finish line. I met Holly and Stan after their finish in the runner's village and used my sherpa powers to carry post-race snacks and drinks.

Here's a short video from the race.


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