Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2014 Epcot Food & Wine Festival Wrap-up Part Two

In Part One of our Epcot's Food & Wine Festival wrap-up we went through the Discovery Passport pages covering the left side of The World Showcase. We'll continue on the the right side of World Showcase in this post. If you want to see good pictures of the food vs. Dave's awful photos check out The Disney Food Blog.

Items we had at Japan and Morocco were ok. The Gyoza was bland and did not come close to the goodness over at China. The Kefta Pocket might have been the better choice than the shrimp over at Morocco.

Belgium and Brazil were very popular booths. Holly enjoyed the Potato Leek waffle while Dave preferred the chocolate one. The beers offered at Belgium were a let-down since you can get them anywhere. Some non-generic Belgium beers would have been nice.

Flavors at the Brazil booth stood out. Great combinations. Of course we had overcooked fish and cold cheese bread.

France changed up the escargot this year. No more puff pastry. Instead they were served in a pie-crusty tart. Good, but not like before. The gratin was good, especially if you like mushrooms.

We skipped the Lobster Pie in Ireland since we've had it many times before and just needed a snack at the time we hit the booth. We went with the cheese. It was good - it was cheese.

We miss the chicken sausage from Canada. The beef was just  ok. We didn't get a medium-rare piece so it was a little tough and salty.

Our experience a few festivals ago with the griddle cheese was not very good. This time, things went just about the same. Just not good - and we got a cool piece. Greek food is just not for us.

But what is up our alley is pairing champagne with a Cronut (Croissant Doughnut). That was awesome!

The food at Puerto Rico had promise, but did not deliver. Blander than expected, but Holly loved the Mayo Ketchup served with the Frituras.

Last two:
Hawaii's Pork Slider was a repeater. The sweet and sour chutney was perfect for a pork sandwich. We skipped the beers here since we can get Kona at home.

In Scotland we really enjoyed the scallop. Finally, seafood prepared perfectly. We tried the barrel aged beer. It was good, but barrel aged beers tend to have too much of a liquor taste we don't look for in a beer.

Overall, the festival was fun. Having the Swan &Dolphin Food &Wine Classic to add-on to the weekend made the quick trip totally worth it. It may be a while before we make another trip down for the Food & Wine Festival because there is a large element of same stuff, different year. With Off-Kilter gone there's less of a reason to spend so much time wandering the Showcase. If you can time a favorite band with your visit that can change the whole way you experience the festival.

Bonus food: Our first night in town we stayed at The Animal Kingdom Lodge and dined at Jiko. This is one of our favorite restaurants. Holly stuck to our go-to items: wild boar tenderloin appetizer and the filet over mac and cheese. Dave also had the filet but went with the carrot soup with garlic ice cream for the appetizer. Everything was excellent as always!

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