Monday, March 30, 2015

Randoms 2 - March 2015

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Star Wars Card Trader

We have recently discovered a fun new app from Topps (the trading card people). Holly and Dave are both playing the Star Wars Card Trader game. It's all the fun of collector cards without the rubber bands, bent corners, and costs. Upon sign up you are given a generous amount of credits to buy packs from different collections. Each collection features different numbers of cards and chances to collect rarer cards. Each day you log in you are given more credits. Navigation is a little clunky, but we have been able to trade with each other with little difficulty. Our current goal is to collect all 8 of The Force Awakens cards before the April 7th deadline. Completing collection tasks (like gaining all the Rebel collection cards) pays an added credit bonus.

I need 2 more
Cards have fronts and backs



We just finished watching the first season of the recently-released Netflix drama Bloodline. Excellent show! 13 episodes were released on March 20th and it was not hard for us to watch two or three episodes in a row. The basic plot is a well-respected family has to deal with the black sheep returning and he doesn't make things easy. Flashforwards and flashbacks are used to fill in pieces of the story, as well as to keep you glued to the set. Just in case you want to stay at the beautiful Rayburn House, it is actually the Moorings Village of Islamorada, FL


To close this post out, here's a monkey meeting puppies:








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