Monday, February 1, 2016

Charity of the Month: German Sheperd Rescue Inc.

Charity of the Month is a way Team Tizzel is helping to support some very worthy organizations. As part of this program, we will dedicate a post to a charity that we will sponsor through the month by donating Holly's training run money.

This month is the second anniversary of Charity of the Month.

January: In December we sponsored UNICEF Kid Power - a supported charity of Force for Change (the Star Wars Charity Awareness Organization). Kids learn the importance of living an active life via wearable fitness tracker, then turn points they earn into charitable donations to help starving children. ThIs was a fun way to celebrate the new era of Star Wars films to come. We will donate $125 to Kid Power via their website.

February's Charity:

German Sheperd Dog Rescue, Inc

Several of our charities have been selected based on our experiences in everyday life. This month's charity selection is to honor our buddy Dakota, a 9yr old German Sheperd, whom suddenly developed some inoperable tumors and her owners had to make the hard decision of when to say goodbye. Since Rufus, our westie, died we haven't seen much of "Kodi" the last two years, but when we did we were always greeted with enthusiasm. We were grateful to visit with her a few times last week. She even came over one day (with her owner) to visit and looked all over the house for Rufus. We will miss "Miss Miss".


Every Halloween Rufus had to show off his costume

To honor Dakota we have chosen a local shepard rescue as this month's charity. If Datoka is common for the breed, everyone should have a shepard. She was gentle, loving, playful, and trainable (not a westie trait).

From their website:

German Shepherd Rescue, Inc. is a growing group of volunteers committed to creating a second chance for German Shepherd dogs that, for many reasons, are in need of new homes.

GSR, Inc. is a state licensed, NO KILL animal shelter based in the Chicagoland area.

We are a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. Our income is derived from adoption fees, private donations and fund raising activities, all of which go to care for the dogs.

Learn more and donate at:


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