Saturday, August 6, 2016

Beers from Around the World 2016

In our house we celebrate the start of the Olympic Games with a tradition we've kept for over 16 years. That tradition is "Beers from Around the World". On the night of the Opening Ceremonies we'll order out some food and have beers from different countries (as the name implies). We buy a variety and share each bottle. Rules: Sample the U.S. beer when the U.S. Team comes out (did not do that this year) and be sure we have a beer from the host country.

A few years ago friends asked us to film this experience. In 2014 we did it from a hotel room. This year we were home, but Holly had a 20 mile run the next morning. We decided to save the American beer for last just in case it got too late (and it did). This year we used Facebook to broadcast live two times.

This year's country line-up: New Zealand, Japan, Scotland, Denmark, Czech Republic, and the host country Brazil.

Here are all the videos in order. At the bottom is a link to a playlist to see them all continuously. Enjoy!


Playlist format:


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