Friday, December 16, 2016

Tizzel's Christmas Countdown 2016 - Day 1

We know you have been looking forward to this all year! Team Tizzel is giving you a little relax time for a few minutes. For the next ten days we'll be posting fun Christmas-related videos. Think of it like a digital Advent Calendar. We may also have some regular posts too, so don't forget to keep checking back.

The festivities kick off with a kid lip-syncing to the song Donde Esta Santa Claus. This song was originally recorded in the 50's, but we've never heard it until XM played the version by the band Guster a few day ago. The video below was recorded back in 2006. According to the video notes the star died (along with his mother) a year later in a car crash. His memory lives on through the Internet.


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