Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sedona - Pink Jeep Tour

Most of the two hour drive from the Grand Canyon to Sedona was uneventful. The last 1/2 got a bit more interesting once we left the highway for Rt 89A. This road that goes through the Coconino National Forest is filled with hairpin turns, quick evelvation changes, views of mountain streams, and massive potholes. We hit two of them and were certain our tires would be shredded.

Downtown Sedona looked cute with all its shops, galleries, and restaurants. It helped having the red rocks in the background. Town was full of free parking areas, and luckily we got there before we had to hunt for spaces. For four of us our only activity in town would be the Pink Jeep 4x4 tour. We chose the Broken Arrow Tour which is described as "The Broken Arrow Tour takes you up and down for a thrilling off-road 4×4 adventure across Sedona’s outback. See Sedona’s famous red rock formations like Submarine Rock, Chicken Point, Mushroom Rock, Bell Rock, The 747, Chapel Butte and Rock of Gibraltar while you bounce and shake across a rugged trail. You want more adventure? How about a heart-pounding descent down The Road of No Return? This tour is high energy with high levels of fun." These folks have been in business since 1960 and they had the system in-place to process many tourists.

Scott was our driver and he was a lot of fun. Scott was within our age-range and shared many life stories, including the tale of evacuating his young family from the Mt. St. Helen's eruption. We shared our vehicle with a man from Milwaukee and his young son who tolerated our group of six well enough. As we traversed the trail Scott would stop along the way to talk about various plants and cacti and their uses in indigenous cultures. The big reward of the trip is the stop at Chicken's Point. The gorgeous red rock area was enhanced by the clear blue sky we had that day (a first for this trip). Our scheduled ten minute stop turned into twenty. The rest of the tour we stayed in the jeep as we traversed some rough terrain and took in some of our final views of the trip. We had a lot of fun.


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