Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Touring Alaska - Overview

Places visited by car
We just wrapped up two+ incredible weeks in Alaska. We are leaving for home today from Vancouver, British Columbia. Its hard to remember everything we have seen and experienced without opening the Photos App and going through the daily downloads of pictures taken along the way. We've experienced Alaska by car, train, boat, ship, little airplane, and kayak.

This trip took a lot of planning and coordination since three couples would be traveling together and we needed to balance individual interests. Holly, Laura, and Pam really did most of the work to put this all together. They did a fantastic job! Dave for the most part had no clue where we were going or the order of destinations.

We will post more details on the trip over the next few weeks (more likely months). Here is a rough outline of our itinerary with a few pictures included. As posts are added we'll edit this post to provide links to location and event posts for those truly interested in referring back for research. Since this trip included our first cruise ship experience we will also have specific posts and comments on that topic.
Cruise ship destinations

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