Saturday, July 2, 2011

Launching in Blasts Off!

Launch Time!
Some you may know all this, but it's worth reading again.

Holly started distance running six years ago and has completed many races from 5ks-to-marathons. She signed up to run Disney's Goofy's Challenge in 2010. This consists of a back-to-back half marathon and full marathon. She joined a fund raising team in its inaugural year: Team AllEars. This group of 40+ Disney fans was raising money to fight breast cancer. My mom died from cancer, that originated as breast cancer, in 1989 so this meant a lot to me.

Holly ran her races and did great. But what was even better was we became friends with her teammates. We've since met up with team members  in Chicago, in Disneyland, and of course WDW. We chat together on Facebook and Twitter. Holly rejoined Team AllEars for 2011. The team got a little larger, but it was apparent this was still a tight-knit group. When Deb (founder of and breast cancer survivor) revealed how much money they raised everyone was shocked (Team AllEars has raised over $75,000 in 2 years). I was so glad to be a part of it, but yet I wasn't really part of it. I was the +1.

I wanted to change that going into 2012.

Holly and I will fund raise as a team this year: Team Tizzel is our name. I joined the team this year as a 5k walker. I was hoping to maybe walk the 1/2 marathon, but doctors have not cleared me for that (I had heart surgery in March). To help us raise funds we've developed a stunt where I'm the victim. More on that later.

We created this site to have a place to focus our fundraising efforts and let you know more about our team and some other fun things going on while we prepare for 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend. We'll include race videos and reports, Disney stuff, and other fun content. We've preloaded some great content already: race videos, a Disney trip report, and a review of a fantastic dining experience.

While you are here check out our bio tab, learn about Tizzel, find out more about Team AllEars, browse our links, read our friends' blogs, and donate! We make it easy to do that.

We hope you enjoy and follow along for the next few months. You can follow us through blogger or your RSS Readers. You can email us too.

Team Tizzel is pleased to announce its fundraising challenge

Dave has volunteered to give you the opportunity to make him look ridiculous for the Family Fun Run 5K in Walt Disney World in January 2012. How does this work?
  1. Donate money to our fundraising efforts to fight breast cancer
  2. As the total funds go up, Dave will put on more clothing to transform him into the Ultimate Human Duffy!
  • When we reach $750 Dave will carry a stuffed Duffy!
  • When we reach $1,500 Dave will add Duffy Ears
  • When we reach $3,000 Dave will add the final touch....
C'mon you know you want to see photos like this.....

Here's how to donate!

Bonus: As the total goes up we will release fun, exclusive content on the site. See Dave in Fantasmic! at Disneyland. Watch Holly get a surprise. There's content we haven't even created yet!!!! Don't wait to donate!

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