Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pin Trading Update: June Hidden Mickeys

Pin trading has become a part of our Disney vacations. Here's how it works:
  • You buy official Disney pins
  • You bring them to Walt Disney World with you
  • You stare at Cast Members, who wear pins on lanyards, for an awkward amount of time and wander through stores much longer than you'd like
  • If a Cast Member has a pin you like you ask them to trade with you for one of your pins
That's a real simple explanation. We mentioned in our vinylmation update that we love trading at the parks because it brings a scavenger hunt into every trip. We estimate that at any given time Cast Members in WDW are wearing 10,000 pins daily.

Most pins can be purchased in stores or at special events. There are some pins you can only get through trading called Hidden Mickey (aka Cast Lanyard pins). These pins have a small Mickey outline somewhere on the pin. Each year Disney releases a new batch of these pins with smaller subsets of themes.

This shot from includes most of 2011 WDW Hidden Mickey pins on the bottom of the shot:

We are trying for all the pins after the letter "Z" in the picture except for the "good" pins. We got all the blue "D"s with the characters and made good progress on the other sets.

Yeti and Orange Bird

Yes that is Dave's foot. The silver pins are "chasers" which are rarer versions of their painted counterparts. Don't like them as much as the painted pins.

Retro Icons


Anyone else collectting these sets? Any other sets?

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