Thursday, August 25, 2011

Old Ugly Photos

I enjoy my cameras. I picked up photography as a hobby around our 2nd trip to Africa when I got a real DSLR camera. Since then I've been taking lots of photos and videos with that camera, my Lumix point-and-shoot, video camera, and iPhone. I first started using Instagram about a year ago. It's an easy-to-use iPhone app with a social feature. It also allows you to use "lomography" style filter to make your photos looked aged, bring up the temps, etc.
We've been lucky enough to go to the same beautiful destination in the British Virgin Islands for several years straight. I've taken the same pictures year-after-year. So this year I was excited to do something different using Instagram. I think my photos were fun.......
Mike Newell from Mouse World Radio and the WDW Today Podcast posted this on Facebook July 7th:

Holly joined the conversation:

So I join in and "promote" my art:

you can link to the jvdpics site from our Links section on the right. Here are some samples:

So...Art or Ugly?

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