Thursday, September 8, 2011

Colorado: The Non-Running Stuff Part One

Team Tizzel is back from a short break with part one of a trip report. Dave and Holly just returned from Colorado where Holly participated in the Boulder Marathon. The race itself will be covered in a separate post. This post will start the coverage of the non-running stuff.

Getting There: We flew out Friday afternoon from Milwaukee Airport on Frontier Air. While the flight itself was fine, there were some procedures Frontier follows that make no sense. Not sure how soon I will book with them again. after landing in Denver we caught the shuttle to our car rental agent and found an extremely long line. Since we used Hotwire to book our car we could not use any preferred/member status tricks. After ten minutes and little distance covered, we found out they had self-serve kiosks in the other room. Five minutes later we were in our car......and facing a huge deluge of rain. We were on the 470 when it came down in sheets. Folks were pulling over.  At first we though "what's their problem, it's just hard rain?" We pulled over a minute later. The rain was over in five minutes and we were treated to a vibrant rainbow.

Leg One of the trip was to Masonville to visit Dave's aunt and uncle. After getting our stuff stashed away in the guest room the four of us went into Fort Collins for dinner. Town was real busy that night and it took forever to park. We put our name in for a table at BeauJo's Pizza then walked over to Coopersmith's for a drink. Holly had the Not So Brown and proclaimed it the best nut brown she had. Dave had the Horsetooth Stout and liked it a lot. Once we finished the beers it was time to grab our table. BeauJo's had REALLY good pizza. They have a thick mountain style that is crisp and French-bread crusty. After dinner we headed "back to the ranch".

Saturday: Hung out in the morning while Dave's family prepared for a camping trip. We walked around, took some pictures, and rode around in a 4-wheel thingy.

We left our family's house and headed south to Longmont. Our plan here was lunch at a brewpub and tour another brewery. We got to Longmont a little early for lunch so we walked around. The town had a great tourist infrastructure with lots of sculptures, public parking, directories, and historical markers. However, there really weren't too many interesting stores.

Lunch time arrived and we ate outdoors at The Pumphouse. We tried their porter, stout, cream ale, scotch ale, dunkel, and wheat (these were small samplers). Most were very good. Holly had a Cuban Sandwich and Dave had the Caribbean Chicken (curry/jerk combo). Very good and VERY large sandwiches.

 Dave tried, but failed, to resist buying a tap handle to add to his collection.

More fun to come in our next post as we continue to tour another Longmont favorite!

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