Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making Jost Van Dyke Ugly

A few months ago we posted how much Dave loves to use his iPhone/iPad to make photos artsy (ugly).   He did this in Colorado and on last year's Jost Van Dyke vacation.  This year on JVD was no exception.  Here's a sample of some "artsy" photos and the apps that made them:


Dave used Picframe to assemble the same pics of the mantis in the frames.  Snapseed helped to create the grunge images on the right.
Used Snapseed to slightly blur the edges on this one.

 Monet Monet

Used Mobile Monet to turn this into a water color

 Photo Toaster Jr

Toaster is a good overall editor to adjust colors and lomography effects.  Snapseed also applies effects, but is also a good basic editor that includes cropping, sharpening, ad selective adjustment.  Sometime Dave will process in Snapseed, then send through Toaster.


One of the best for lomo and tilt-shift. Easy to use, posts to your own page on Instagram plus integrates with main social media sites.

 Mixed Media


Any other good apps out there?

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