Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is Reggae!

We love Jamaica!  It's a beautiful country with great beaches, delicious food, friendly people, and excellent music.  Jamaican music is played alot around our house and we thought we'd share a few videos from some current artists.   A good place to explore more is

Before moving on we’d like to tell the world that Jimmy Cliff is not dead.  A few years ago Dave noticed that a Jamaican hotel book (one where they highlight excursions, restaurants, and shopping) stated Jimmy Cliff was dead.   James Patterson also mentioned in an Alex Cross book that Alex was listening to: “the late, great Jimmy Cliff”.  Dave wrote both parties correcting them, and only the hotel book publisher wrote back.

Beres Hammond is a favorite in our house 

Tarrus Riley

Dave loves a good reggae cover song. Here's Da'ville singing Bryan Adams' Heaven (audio only)

In 2010 reggae legend Gregory Iaacs passed away.  Gyptian made this contribution to the tribute album (audio only)

Some reggae videos give you insight into everyday life in Jamaica.   Perfect's Hand Cart Boy is one of those videos (and also Dave's generic caller ringtone)

For more reggae check out itunes,, or

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