Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The History of Louisville in Signs

For whatever reason, we seemed to notice the historical markers around Louisville. We were surprised to find out Charles Dickens visited Louisville. Here are some of the markers we encountered during our weekend.

We showed this photo in our last post, but it was one of few two-sided markers we found.

Upcoming Posts

We'll have some great reports coming up including Holly's Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon race report and video, our Expedition Everest race report, and some other posts from our recent Disney trip.   You may see a few posts out of chronological order, so don't worry if you think you missed something.


  1. wow. i'd been to louisville about 35 times, and i never saw those!!

    great job!

  2. Thanks. I think next time I'm in Chicago I'll have a more-trained eye for these things.