Monday, May 14, 2012

Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon Report and Video

Here is Holly's report on the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon:

Another weekend another state!  

This was my last marathon for the Spring season and my legs were feeling it.  I was however a bit optimistic.   We drove down to Louisville on Friday and got there in time to pick up the packet at the Expo.  We had just enough time to make it to the last tour at the Louisville Slugger factory and museum.  It was pretty neat and I would have liked to have more time.   We had an ok dinner at Blu Italian Restaurant and then off to bed for another early start.

We could walk to the start from our hotel and it was a cool morning.   The weather was once again predicting storms.  I was hoping they would stay away.   We met up with a fellow Team Allears member, Stan Harris before the race.   It was nice to see him beforehand.  He did great in the half!   

The race start was a crowded one.   They had the bugler from Churchill Downs blow the traditional call to post.  I got emotional at that one.  It took me about 12 minutes to cross the start line and I told myself to keep it slow.   I have decided that 11:45 or so is my normal pace and I can’t go slower on race day.   Saw Dave at Mile 1 and ran by the big bat at Louisville Slugger.   It rained for about 5- 10 minutes around mile 3 and that was it for the bad weather.   It was cool for the first half and then got warm around the end.   

Saw Dave again just as we entered Churchill Downs.  It was so cool to run down in the tunnel, under the track and come out on the infield.  I stopped here a few times and got a few pictures.   I asked one woman to take my picture and thankfully she obliged.  I of course returned the favor.   

After Churchill Downs we split from the half marathoners and it got MUCH less crowded.   We then had a long out and back portion.   The course had been totally flat so far and I was feeling really good.  I switched back to Heed for my electrolyte replacement and I think this helped.   We then ran into Iroquois park around Mile 11.  This was a beautiful park, but had some serious hills.   I kind of enjoyed them.   I think it breaks up the monotony on the muscles and I felt great after leaving the park at Mile 15.   Saw Dave again here.  

Feeling good and on perfect pace up to Mile 20.   Saw Dave and then started to fall apart.   Not sure what is going on lately.  I think it is a more of a mental breakdown than physical.   I kept saying to myself, I’m too tired to keep running 4:1.   I was craving a Sprite and almost stopped at a gas station.   This was also where some serious hills were.    I ran into a 50 states member and talked to her for about 5 minutes, all while running with her at a faster than normal pace.  This leads me to believe that I am having the mental breakdown.  

I got it together at Mile 24 and finished up strong.  5:25:14.   This was my third fastest marathon.   I was happy with it, but disappointed at the same time.  I was on pace for 5:15, not a PR, but feel that should be possible more often for me.   On a happier note, I loved my medal and I checked off another state!  11 states down.   Also that Marathon bumped me up to Silver, 2 star Marathon Maniac Status!

Dave's Comments

I had a round-about route to Churchill Downs and made it in plenty of time to see Holly enter the track. While there I spent some time talking to their head of security.  His "tax season" was just about to begin.  I made it to miles 15 and 20 with little difficulty and luckily made it to the finish with about and hour of wait time before Holly would come into view.  Every marathon needs a brewpub at mile marker 26.1!  I got to sit for an hour at a brewpub instead of the usual park or corporate high-rise no-mans land on the weekends.  After the race we had a great time checking out Bluegrass Brewing, Under the Bridge, 4th Street Live, and Jockey Silks at the Galt House hotel.

Here's Holly's race video from the event - featuring our friend Stan.

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