Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jamaica 50

Unfortunately the biggest party of the year is being overshadowed by The Olympics.

On August 6th Jamaica will be celebrating its 50th anniversary as an independent nation. If you follow any reggae or Jamaican related websites it's pretty hard to miss everyone's enthusiasm. The parties aren't only in Jamaica. The country's influence has sparked a wave of celebrations all over the world. The largest ones will likely be in New York, London, and Toronto - cities with large Jamaican communities. To share in the fun, here are some links to help you learn a little more about Jamaica and get you into the spirit of one of our favorite countries.

  • Visit Jamaica: Once you go, you know. Official Tourism site.
  • How Jamaica Conquered the World: Home of a new podcast about Jamaica's influence outside its boundary. Contains a nice history section.
  • Top 10 Jamaican Stereotypes / 10 Jamaican Myths Busted: Surprise! Most Jamaicans don't smoke ganja.
  • Jamaica 50: Official Anniversary site.
  • Online community and resources. Great place for jerk chicken and shrimp rundown recipes.
  • Reggae Marathon: Since this is kind of a running blog we had to include this site. Holly ran the full and Dave did the 10k in 2011. Here's our report.
  • Check out The Capital of Chill!
  • Reggae Train: Great source for all things reggae.
  • World Reggae Show: Jack Slater gives you an hour of sunshine reggae each week. This is where Dave first learned about artists like Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, John Holt, and many others.
  • Big Up Radio: 24/7 streaming music. Pick your genre: Roots, Rocksteady, Soca.......
To keep in the Olympic spirit, here are a few recent ads for Jamaica with Usain Bolt:

We put a musical tour of Jamaica together for you (may not show up on idevices, which is odd since it's from the itunes widget creator):

Some of our photos from various Jamaica trips.

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