Sunday, April 28, 2013

GoPro External Mic Addition

In prior posts you've read how Dave has raved about his GoPro Hero 3 Black. Great camera. One of the negatives with the camera is the sound quality while in the waterproof protective case. It's horrid. So Dave checked out some youtube videos and found a way to add an external mic to the GoPro. Here's what was required.

- Drilling into the waterproof case (alternatively Dave could have bought the frame case but he wanted the added protection of the waterproof case).

- Buying a second waterproof case for those times we want the camera to actually remain waterproof.

- Buying the GoPro 3.5mm external mic connector

- Buying a 3.5mm external mic

So now we have a capital investment. One problem we tried to prevent while drilling into the case was keeping the drill plastic dust out of the lens area of the case. Still some bits in there. So we bought the lens replacement kit.

Now we have a decent setup to capture better audio on race days and other occasions. Here's the video showing how we did it and the resulting sound tests:


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