Friday, April 5, 2013

Video of the Action at the Bird Feeders

We have two bird feeders in the backyard.  One is a large tower feeder that hangs in a tree.  The other one is  a smaller basket feeder we have on a hook by the deck.  Both feeders can be seen from our kitchen window.  In Northern Illinois we seem to get quite a few different bird varieties visit the backyard.  The feeders also attract their fair share of squirrels.   Not only do these little guys eat a ton of food, they also knock a bunch of seed all over the ground.   Recently, we have seen deer having snacks from the feeder.

We set the GoPro camera up by the feeders one morning to catch some of the action.  This was done mainly to experiment with frame-rates and slow motion.  Although not our most exciting video, this one gives you the flavor of some of the different birds we see in this part of the country.  Next time we'll rig something up so the camera is angled farther out from the tray to get a wider view.

If you want to play along at home here's a link to Whatbird's list of Illinois Birds.

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