Sunday, August 11, 2013

Successful Pennsylvania Beer Crawl - Part 2

In our last post we visited the Federal Taphouse in Lancaster and JoBoy's in Manheim. In today's post we'll visit two breweries in Mount Joy, PA.

The breweries of Mount Joy are almost complete opposites of each other when it comes to aesthetics. Bube's, the older brewery in town, is in a dank 150 year old brewery complex. Zuckfoltzfus, which has been open just over two months, is in a cheery little restored house.

Zuckfoltzfus seems to be focused more as a restaurant than a bar per-se. When you walk into the house you enter the bar area with 8 seats at the bar and a few more along the wall. There was a separate dining room with seating for about 20 more people. Everything was new and clean with decor suitable for the Amish country. We were here on a Sunday, so the food offerings were limited to four choices. We ordered the pretzels to go with our beers. We had a sample of all four beers offered: Oatmeal Stout, Squirrel Bait Nut Brown, Whiney Sarah Pale, and Woodshed Red. These are all nice beers, but of course our favorites were the Nut Brown and Stout. We ordered up pints of those beers.

The pretzels were awesome. They were more like pretzel nuggets that were made with the spent brewing grains. They served bacon jam with the pretzels. Yum!

We'd definately consider a trip back here to see what they offer for a regular menu.





Our next stop was a block away. Bube's Brewery was built in the 1870's and originally stayed in business until Prohibition. The building is dark and somewhat foreboding inside - and that's where it's character lies. Like Captain Tony's in Key West or Lafitte's in New Orleans. Small walkways, passages, basements, and catacombs add to the vibe. When we arrived for a Sunday lunch we were the only people at the bar. Everyone else was outside in the pleasant beer garden.

We both ordered chicken cheesesteaks for lunch. Very good choice. Holly had the blueberry kolsch and Dave had the Session Porter. Both were excellent.

We have some more photos form Bube's posted below.

Mount Joy should defininately be on the craft beer fan's list of places to visit. Our next post will visit Troeg's Brewing near Hershey Prk.






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