Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Anegada: Loblolly Bay

In today's post we'll take a look at Anegada's other main beach destination: Loblolly Bay. This beach area has the same amenities as Cow Wreck, but the main difference is the beach's proximity to the snorkel reefs. Loblolly is a bit rockier, with worn down reefs right on the shoreline. A quick swim out brings visitors to some decent snorkel viewing (or so we heard). Overall this was still a pretty beach, but Cow Wreck wins the beach battle because there were less rocks and the water was a little rougher at Loblolly.

There are two beach bars on Loblolly. You can walk between them if you have the time, or take a 3 minute drive between the two. Big Bamboo was the busier, more established bar. It's been there for a while. They managed a few rental cottages with very nice beach views and connected them to the restaurant via a long concrete sidewalk. There was a gift shop selling t-shirts, sunscreen, liquor, and other assorted trinkets. One of Big Bamboo's best features is the bar. It's set with an elevated view of the beach. The one day we ate lunch here Dave got the lobster 1/2 order. Big Bamboo offered some beach seats which were really uncomfortable benches.

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The other bar we visited was Flash of Beauty. Its decor was familiar: open-air concrete/stucco pavilion painted some bright color. The nice thing at Flash was the beer was self-serve. The bad thing was the restaurant had a very limited view of the beach. Flash of Beauty provides Adirondack chairs for the beach, but they weighed a ton and were not so comfy. To give visitors some shade, there were crude little canopies you could move the chairs under.

We have one more Anegada post coming up..... Hopefully there is enough material to make a quick video and maybe Dave will add a few "Make Anegada Ugly" photos.

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