Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Anegada: Ugly Photos and Video

There's been a lot going on so it took a little while to go through the Anegada video file only to find we really didn't have that much video. Dave was playing around with time-lapse photography so he really didn't concentrate too much on actual filming. On the video we have some good film of Holly talking about her morning on Loblolly, some time-lapse created by taking photos every half-second, and shots taken from our flight from Anegada to St. Thomas via Tortola.

Time for some ugly photos. Used an app called Image Chef to create some text blocks and the usual suspects of Snapseed and Photo Wizard.

Used Twirl effect in Photo Wizard to create a wave out of the beach scene

Used Phoster for this one
PicClone for this piece of art

MobileMonet + Photo Wizard to mask out the sky and replace with the planets

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