Thursday, April 23, 2015

Star Wars Overload (It's a Good Thing)

Dear Disney Company: Thank you for buying Lucasfilms and saturating every form of media with Star Wars.

There has been a ton of Star Wars news this week as the annual convention (Celebration) came to a close. We got to see a new trailer for the December release of The Force Awakens, previews of Battlefront (video game), a trailer from season 2 of Star Wars Rebels (animated series), and find out the droid (BB8) from The Force Awakens actually works and will come to the Disney Parks soon. Add to all that the digital release of the six films! This has us excited for our visit to Walt Disney World in May when we will spend some time in Disney's Hollywood Studios at one of the Star Wars Weekends. We've been browsing sites like, tee and to find the perfect wardrobe for the two days we plan to be at the event. Dave already got this Star Wars/Assassin's Creed (video game) mash-up:

Unfortunately this one does not come in adult sizes


Here are some videos to help get you excited about the Star Wars frenzy.



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