Friday, December 9, 2011

Last Passport Stamp

Originally breakfast at Kona was in the schedule for today (that's in the Polynesian Resort).  But two weeks before our trip Disney changed the park schedule and decided to open the Magic Kingdom at 8am instead of 9am.   If you come to the park even an hour after rope-drop it just puts you behind schedule and in longer lines.   So we skipped Kona and went straight to the Magic Kingdom.

Other than our quick walk to Fantasyland to get on the must-do's quickly like Peter Pan, this was a relaxing morning.   We took time to get some character photos, including the Mickey/Minnie Main Street theather location.     When we were brought into Mickey's dressing room (sounds creepy - and is he sharing it with Minnie?) there was a family of probably 3 sets of older siblings that decided all the young cousins should go to Dinsey together; including the infant and crying toddler.    With the mice, photopass guy, character wrangler, kids, and parents there were 12 people crammed in that little space.    The first chance he had Mickey broke away and grabbed our photopass out of Holly's hand while Minnie politely escorted the family out.   Mickey marshalled us over to stand for the photo then Minnie marshalled us out.   Our experience lasted about 10 seconds. This video shows the whole thing:

We visited the rest of the attractions we had wanted to and said goodbye to the Magic Kingdom for this trip.   We took a boat to the Grand Floridian around 1:00 since we had a tea reservation at 2:00.  Instead of just walking around the resort we headed straight to the pool bar, bought some beers, and sat on loungers for the hour.   No one was in the pool and it was a clear blue-sky day.  Lovely.    Note: If you are thinking "Hey that's pool-hopping!", we're DVC Members so this is within the boundaries of our perks.

We like the High Tea at the Grand Floridian.  You can get some tasty pasteries and finger sandwhiches, get a chance to take a quiet break from the parks, and have champagne if you'd like.   But, for whatever reason, the service always seems slow.   It took forever to pay our bill.   The waitress wasn't slacking - just too many tables to cover in a very process-oriented service.

Once tea was over it was time to have our second lunch at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival!  The plan was just to hit the booths we did not visit yet.

First up was the Caribbean.   We ordered the jerk chicken and the ropa vieja.   These were not good.   We like cuban food a lot, but this ropa vieja had no flavor.   The jerk chicken was not jerk chicken.   It was just chicken.  The mango chutney was the only vibrant thing about these offerings.

Next up was the Dessert booth.  We tried the trio of desserts which included little samples of Lemon Chiffon, White Chocolate Macadamia Mousse with Dark Chocolate Pearls, and Tres Leches Verrine.   They were ok - nothing was really a knockout.

Borrowed with love from the

With these two booth visits we filled our Food & Wine passport and visited every booth.

We also tried the sparkling ice wine from Canada today, which was very good.

After Epcot we headed back to The Boardwalk for a quick wardrobe change.   On the way leaving the hotel Dave put a dollar in a desk drawer that was in our floor's elevator area.  A reward for a curious child and something for us to check on the rest of the week while waiting for the elevator.    We walked over to the Studios for the first showing of Fantasmic!   It was crowded, but managable.   After the show we left the park and headed to the Swalphin for dinner at Bluezoo.   This is a high-end trendy restaurant and cocktail lounge from Todd English.  They do a lot of show with their signature drinks - Dave's drink was on fire when it arrived.  We had great entrees and a really nice appetizer.   This We look forward to going back and maybe even spending some cocktail lounge time there.   

Dave's Artsy Photo of the Day:

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