Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Long Lunch Break

The original plan for the day was to go to Blizzard Beach in the morning, but the weather forecast didn't look so great.  Summit Plummet will have to wait (we chickened out in 1996 so we vowed we'd do it this time.  Oh well...).  

We had breakfast at Kouzzina on The Boardwalk.  Cuisine from this restaurant comes to you form celebrity chef Cat Cora.   This is a fact you will never forget because her pictures and video tributes are everywhere.  When we met our waiter he was sure to tell us about Cat Cora's greatness.   They even have her face real big on  the restaurant's sign.   Way too much Cat.  Dave's waffle was really good and Holly's egg-based breakfast was ok.

After breakfast we rented a surrey bike.  These are the bikes that look like carriages or Model A's.   Rental was $20 for a half hour.  We were able to ride around Crescent Lake to the Yacht and Beach Club and by the Swalphin (spell check accepted that word).  There was a large convention going on across all Crescent Lake properties and Dave took great pleasure in ringing the bell by the poor conventioneers on their cell phones.

Next on the agenda:  Pool Time.  The weather turned a bit so we enjoyed some time by the scary clown pool.   This is where something really scary happened.   Dave was using his waterproof camera and getting ready to video a trip down the slide.   As he was cruising down the slide the camera powered-off on it's own.  Upon power-up we got a strange message and it powered-off again.   We could see water in the lens area.   Now the person whom usually brings 3 still cameras on vacation is left with just his iPhone.  We made the best of it.

After the pool it was time for lunch.   What better place to go than Epcot!  Food & Wine Festival for lunch.

First stop was France.  We got some more escargot and a creme brûlée.   Both were very good and the flavor of the Creme brûlée was surprisingly very good.

Next we had some mussels from Brussels (Belgium booth).  They were good quality mussels and the cream sauce was nice and garlicy.   We had the Stella and Leffe beers.  At some point we also had the waffle from this stand but didn't take any pictures.

From Portugal we tried the dessert item, pastel de nata.  It had a nice crust and good custard filling.   Dave tried the moscato wine, which was white, and thought it was tasty (we prefer red wines).
Next up Morocco. We had the Harissa Chicken Roll and the Tangerine Mimosa.   The roll had some off-spice, but the mimosa was really good.
New Zealand was next.  We had the lamb slider with tomato chutney and the White Haven pinot noir.   Dave enjoyed the slider, Holly didn't. The wine was good.

Note to reader:  this may seem like a lot of food, but we are sharing all items.   In retrospect, it still is a lot of food.

And we are still having lunch.   The stuff in Japan didn't sound too good (or look good), so we went safe with the Pork Kakuni.  Didn't look great but had great flavor and was very tender.
Singapore had two decent items.  The Shrimp Cake on a sugar cane skewer with Singapore Noodle Salad was good and you got to chew on the sugar cane.  We also had the Coconut-Braised, Beef Rendang with Jasmine Rice which tasted better than it looked.   We accompanied these items with Tiger Beer.   And yes we are having another meal on a trash can.
The Fife and Drum offered a frozen Jim Beam Red Stag Lemonade.  Up Dave's alley!
We're still eating.   We hit the Poland booth and tried the pierogi with kielbasa.  Not sure why we bothered.  Dave's polish grandmother makes the best pierogies.   These tasted straight out of the Mrs. T's box.
I think we're almost done.  Italy had a few offerings and we chose the Ravioli Di Formaggio All’Emiliana (Baked Cheese Ravioli with Creamy Beef Bolognese Sauce, Parmesan Cheese, Melted Mozzarella).  We've had this other years and enjoyed it.  This year not so much.   It was kinda cold when we got it so it wasn't all that fresh.  Maybe it will be better next year.

The Brewer's Collection featured some really good German beers.   Today we tried the Rauchweizen Roog Smoked Wheat Bier.   It was very dark for a wheat beer and did not have a lot of that "wheatiness" that Holly doesn't like.  Very pleasant.

Our Final food from the jaunt around the World Showcase came from the Cheese booth.  Let's face it, this booth was much more fun when it was named Mouse Catch.   Anyways, we had the 3 cheese sampling of Artisan Cheese Selection with Le Delice  de Bourgogne Lincet, Thomasville Tomme Sweet Grass Dairy, Chevre Affine Wyngaard Kaas
Surprise! Our next stop was La Cava de Tequila for some to-go beverages for our Off-Kilter viewing pleasure.

We finally left Epcot and made our way to Downtown Disney.   We both like what Downtown Disney has to offer, but for some reason it sucks the life out of us.  Maybe it's because we go at night when it's crowded, or the stores start putting us on overload.   This time we got there early enough and had time to relax outside of the House of Blues and hear a few songs from the happy hour act.  
We stopped at Raglan Road's counter-service and picked up the Pistachio Cupcake.
After some shopping we went to Raglan Road for dinner.   Of course it's our luck the band started their break when we arrived and didn't start up again until we received our check.   Dinner was good (and Raglan has a nice craft beer {a REAL craft beer} menu, but I think we had a little too much fun at the fest to fully enjoy it.

Overall a good day - even if we didn't ride one attraction.

Dave's Artsty Photo of the Day

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