Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Picture-Perfect Day

This must have been a real relaxing day because we don't have too many photos from it.  The day started out in the Studios with yet another mad-dash to Toy Story Mania.   Dave was in good position from the start: right where he wanted to be on the far right of the pack.   Then, the folks they corralled at The Brown Derby were allowed to join in and he ended up behind the pack.  Of course he worked with way up (very politely by studying gaps - not pushing) and was right in the Fast Pass line first.

After hitting the heavies (Star Tours, Tower of Terror, Toy Story, Rock n Roller Coaster) we watched the Voyage of the Little Mermaid - a stage show about: The Little Mermaid.  The rest of the morning we spent time shopping and visited the Monsters Inc character area. 

Our lunch plan was, of course, Food and Wine Fest, however we decided to try a popular Disney drink we've never tasted before: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake at Tune-in Lounge.    It's a milkshake that tastes like a sandwich!   It's a fantastic product that's worked its way into the future snack must-haves.  The blue drink next to it is Dad's Lemonade.

After our liquid snack we headed out of the park back to our hotel.  For the next few hours we spent some time by the pool.   It was a REALLY nice day and a good point in the trip to take a break before the full-press of Food and Wine on the weekend.

After some pool time we went back and changed for dinner (Artist Point) and then hit Epcot.  We timed our lunch and beverage breaks around the live entertainment; which means we made sure we saw Off-Kilter. 

We used the bus system to get to Artist Point (in the Wilderness Lodge Hotel) by walking through the front of Epcot and hopping on the bus.  We haven't been to "The Lodge" in two years so we left early to do a little touring.  It really is a very pretty resort worth visiting.  We met a great cast member working the pin kiosk.  She was 80 years old and drove 40 miles one-way to work at Disney (necessity over passion) but she took the time to take out her personal pins to give us extra trades and even just gave Dave a pin for the heck of it.  Nice moment.

We had a cocktail at the Territory Lounge before going to dinner.  Dinner included a mussels appetizer, Dave had bison, and Holly had fish.   We like the fact that the wines at Artist Point focus on the Pacific Northwest vs. California so you can find some wines you don't typically see elsewhere.  Everything was good, just not over-the-top.

We cabbed it back to The Boardwalk and it's a good guess we visited Bellvue Lounge for a to-go nightcap and called it quits.   Saturday was going to be a big day so we needed to prep.

Dave's Artsy Photos of the Day:

For our long trips we purchase Disney's Photopass CD (now download).   For a fixed price, you get all the photos the Photopass photographer's take of you while in the parks.  It's pricey, but gets cheaper if you pre-buy before your trip.  It's a nice-to-have for the two of us whom aren't usually in front of the camera together.  Someone else is taking those pictures of you and making decisions on how to pose you.  When you get home you can add borders into the photos, crop, etc.   Here are some of our more creative edits:


No idea who these folks are.  Zoomed in on a photo of us to create this.

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