Friday, January 27, 2012


 Dave here......

Last night Holly was away for business so I went out to a local bar for dinner.   After eating I wanted to play one of my favorite arcade games:  Big Buck Hunter.  In this game you use a pump-action shotgun to hunt deer, elk, etc.   Something I wouldn't do in real life, but it's fun gameplay.
I walked over to the machine, put my coat down, got my dollar out, and put my dollar in the bill slot.   Then I looked at the screen and saw an "out of order" sign made out of a bar tab.   The machine won't give me my dollar back.  Nuts.   Frustrated, I emailed Holly:
"Saw this after I put my dollar in (attached picture of the sign) #firstworldproblems

#firstworldproblems is a popular Twitter hashtag used to indicate you are complaining about something relatively trivial in your overall good life.  It pops up every few seconds.  Here are some examples:

You get the picture.   This led me to look up hashtags #thirdworldproblems  and #realworldproblems. Pretty much the same complaints as above.  So I thought I'd look up a few charities that help REAL #realworldproblems and share them here.

The Water Project
Heifer International helps you gift animals to help people become sustainable.  Wouldn't you love to send someone a goat?

Accion International is a microfinance  company that gives loans to folks to invest in their small businesses.

Feeding America / Second Harvest helps feed people in need in the U.S.
 Avon Breast Cancer Charities

Obviously there are many more organizations to support.  But next time I complain about my #firstworldproblems I'll remind myself about #realworldproblems. 

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