Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Watch

Team Tizzel is in Washington D.C. this weekend so Holly can run The Marine Corps Marathon and Dave can play with his new camera. We booked this trip many months ago, since the marathon sells out in hours. One of the last things we never figured we'd have to worry about is a hurricane (Hurricane Sandy). Apparently the real storm won't hit until late Monday, but we are in for some rain tomorrow. We've made some backup car rental plans in case our flight is cancelled.

We kept an eye on this all week and packed extra weatherproof items like wind pants and garbage bags. Holly even bought those disposable pants at the race expo today. She's run races in snow in Florida! and a couple light drizzles, a few heat waves, but never full-on rain.

Other than that it's been fun so far. We're across the river from Georgetown so we've had some meals and drinks over there. We visited Georgetown Cupcakes and had one derailment. We preordered 5 Georgetown Cupcakes online the other day for 3pm pickup today. Got there on time and one of the flavors we ordered wouldn't be available for another 45 minutes. They knew we were coming.... To make it up they threw in an extra 5 cupcakes. Decent recover attempt, but they should have held our flavor on a Pre-order. Feel free to retweet with #firstworldproblems hashtag.

Other highlights of the day included visiting The Mall (forgot that this would have been a good place to bring our National Parks Passports), going to Capitol City Brewing, and complaining about the variable rate Metro fare schedule. Most subways are flat-rate. DC charges by destination, Make some sense but still a hassle.

Here are some photos. We'll try to post a couple of live updates on twitter.


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