Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Using Music to Break-Up the Race: Part Three

Dave here....

To recap, I'm setting up a playlist for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon to help me break the 13.1 total miles down into 4 3-mile segments with a little leftover. In Part One I wrote about using music from Jamaica to help set my pace. In Part Two I wrote about trying to maintain that initial steady pace by listening to some songs from Paul Simon's Graceland album. Next up, how I plan to cover miles 6 through 9. Mile 6 looks like it either starts in The Magic Kingdom, or just outside of it. There's a pass by The Grand Floridian Hotel and The Walt Disney World Speedway. After that the long stretch down World Drive will begin. I don't think there's going to be much fun here so I'll need to invent my own fun. What could be more fun than music from the 80's?

Having a birth year of 1970 makes me part of 80's Nation! What better way to re-energize the 2nd half of the race than with music of my youth. I won't be putting the iPod on shuffle through my 80's genre group - that might give me something horrible for the race like Ebony and Ivory, Bette Davis Eyes, Gloria, Hello, or Islands in the Stream. I'll be pulling together some fun stuff that I can sing along with in my head. Songs from Blondie, The Cure, Men Without Hats, Haircut 100, The Violent Femmes, J. Geils Band, The Outfiled, Slade, Van Halen, Howard Jones, INXS, U2 (nothing later than October), R.E.M., Eddy Grant, Big Country, Milli Vanilli, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode.....this list could go on but I only need about 45 minutes worth of music for this leg of the race.

Here's a typcal early-80's music video


  1. What's wrong with Islands in the Stream?!

  2. Absolutely nothing. Kenny and Dolly were all over the place when that came out. I just don't think it will pump me up on the boring parts of the course. Maybe Kenny's "Love Will Turn You Around" would fit in.....