Friday, October 26, 2012

Using Music to Break-up the Race: Part Two

Dave here....

The other day the Mickey Miles Podcast posted this quote on their Facebook Page:
"Divide the race into thirds. Run the 1st part w/your head, the middle w/your personality, and the last part w/your heart." -M. Fanelli.
Well that's just great! I've been mentally breaking my half marathons into 4ths with a little bit left at the end. Do I revise my outlook based on this nugget of wisdom? Probably not. I'm used to 5ks so I'm sticking to my plan.

To recap, I'm setting up a playlist for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January to help me break the 13.1 miles down into four 3-mile segments with a little leftover at the end. In Part One I talked about using music from Jamaica to help set my pace. The next segment of the is a bit more challenging to plan. It looks like there's some fun stuff to look at during this segment - The Polynesian Resort, The Contemporary Resort, Monorails, and of course the Magic Kingdom. This portion of the playlist is going to get the short end of the stick. Sorry Mr. Paul Simon, but I will probably only listen to a couple of song from your Graceland album.

One of my favorite podcasts, Stuck in the 80's, did a 25th anniversary feature on the album. When this episode aired I hadn't listened to the album in its entirety in probably 24 years. I put it on one day during a workout and thoroughly enjoyed it. Multiple genres of music help to create a great story-telling album. The tempo is still pretty relaxed which will help me keep my pace steady. I will admit now if "Call Me Al" comes on I'll skip it.

Give Graceland a listen if you haven't played this great album recently.

From the Graceland concert filmed  in Zimbabwe, 1987:

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