Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Anegada: Cow Wreck and Keel Point

Most of our beach days (everyday was a beach day) were spent on Cow Wreck Bay. It had everything you needed: Adirondack chairs, white sand, clear turquoise water, and a beach bar. It was about a nine minute drive from the hotel on a combination of concrete and sand roads. Along the way we passed a few nice rental cottages perfectly positioned for sunset views into the water.


The first thing that hits you at Cow Wreck is how the white sand, green water, and blue sky merge. It's a perfect stretch of shallow waters with lots of area to explore between the two points. We found a few nice small shells while exploring the shores.

We had lunch at the Cow Wreck Bar 4 times. Our choice lunch: the fish burger. They pan fried fish filets in the most seasoned breading we ever had. We miss them already. Belle, the one-woman show in the front-of-house is a work horse - and treats everyone very well. By our third visit she knew that David was the title on our tab without asking.

The only shade on Cow Wreck is provided by the 17 palm trees that were deliberately planted surrounding the bar.

The Adirondack chairs on the beach were colorful. Some chairs had the names of specialty drinks available at the bar or Bible verses. Dave became obsessed with photographing the chairs.

A few minutes drive east took us to Keel Point. There are a few guest cottages here as well as the Anegada Beach Club. This is a small boutique hotel (about 16 rooms) featuring the island's only swimming pool. This is the luxury lodging on the island, complete with modern furnishings, great tiki bar (not by the beach), and good food. Their happy hour was very nice and we determined this was the best Bushwacker on the island. The hotel is not directly on the beach, but a two minute walk to the top of the dune reveals some spectacular views.

Another plus - real lounge chairs

We had lunch at the Beach Club one day (enjoyable) and then spent some time on their beach. For the first hour we were alone. Then, about a dozen people showed up at once and then left within a half hour. This seemed to be a theme of the week. Lots of folks were on boats or day-tripped in on the ferry so beach-hopping was the rule of the day for them.

Our next Anegada post will cover the attractions at Loblolly Beach.


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