Thursday, February 13, 2014

The End of Team AllEars and the Start of Something New

Since its beginning, Holly and Dave have been involved with Team AllEars. Holly joined the team back in 2009 when it was formed as a way to help raise money for Avon's breast cancer charities while she participated in the 2010 Walt disney World Marathon Weekend events. Dave helped along the way with audio, video, and photo support before joining the team officially for the 2012 race weekend. Holly and Dave formed their sub-team, "Team Tizzel", and created to help spread the word and raise money for Avon's Breast Cancer Foundation while providing its readers with some entertainment along the way (we hope). We also created and our marathon spectating guide to add to our cause.

Team AllEars had a fantastic run and has made a difference for those fighting breast cancer:

  • 2010 40+ members raised over $25,000
  • 2011 60+ members raised over $50,000
  • 2012 90+ members raised over $70,000
  • 2013 ~100 members raised over $80,000
  • 2014 ~100 members raised over $104,000

For 5 years Team Allears raised over $330,000 for breast cancer. Our family, friends, ermployers, and followers of added approximately $33,000 to that total - with $11,030 coming in the final year. Thank you!

The decision was made to disband Team AllEars after the 2014 WDW Marathon Weekend. We've made so many friends and memories and we are a bit sad to see it end. So now we have to figure out the next plan for Team Tizzel.

From the beginning we decided would always have some focus to charity. Now, that focus will shift away from Avon to other worthy causes. Holly is still collecting money in a jar at home each time she does a training run or race. It's not our Team AllEars jar anymore - just a Disney-themed candy jar we got for Christmas. We decided that we'd pick a charity of the month, feature it here on the blog, and donate the jar money for that month to the selected organization. We'll give you links so you can donate as well, but there won't be a heavy fundraising drive like before.

With February being National Heart Month we decided that our first featured charity is the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute at Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago. These are the folks that diagnosed Dave's need for a new heart valve and preformed the operation. They do research around heart disease and congenital heart conditions. Donations can be made at this link by selecting cardiovascular care from the pull down.

We have a few other charities picked out for the next couple of months so stay tuned!


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