Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beers from Around the World: 2014

In our house we celebrate the start of the Olympic Games with a tradition we've kept for over 14 years. That tradition is "Beers from Around the World".

On the night of the Opening Ceremonies we'll order out some food and have beers from different countries (as the name implies). We buy a variety and share each bottle.

Rules: Sample the U.S. beer when the U.S. Team comes out and be sure we have a beer from the host country.

Here are some pictures we were able to find from prior years:

A few years ago friends asked us to video tape this experience. We've continued this tradition in 2014 with a twist..... We were leaving on vacation the day after the Opening Ceremony aired, thus staying overnight by the airport. Since we were having dinner and drinks out beforehand we had to kinda cut corners on the number of beers and our singing. The audio is rough for the first segment or two because we did not realize the USB port on the GoPro was broken so the mic was not connected properly. Take it for what it is.....


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