Saturday, November 5, 2011

"I Can Tell We're off to a Great Start"

Finally! It was time to start our long Walt Disney World trip. We were really looking forward to this one because it was our first long vacation since Dave's heart surgery in March AND it was the first time we could spend more than a long weekend at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival. We were also lucky enough to stay at Boardwalk the whole time and not have to switch hotels.

Upon arrival we needed the perfect precision. We were scheduled to land at 6:45. We had dinner reservations at nine at Flying Fish (which is at our hotel). Not a big deal. BUT we had to rely on Disney's Magical Express and then get to Epcot quickly to get our Tables in Wonderland card (it's a dining discount program that saves us tons of money).

Plane landed on time. Magical Express was delivering our bags, so no baggage claim. Got into our hotel bus line, which was long; a good sign we'd leave soon. But we were pulled aside as the only Boardwalk guests and made to board another bus with first stop at Pop. We were stop 3. Made it to the hotel by 8:05 and checked-in quickly. We dropped off our stuff, loaded the safe with our iPads, cameras, and gift cards (took advantage of a Sam's Club promo and got 10% kickbacks at Disney Store). We walked quickly to Epcot and got our discount card by 8:20.

Holly said, "Since we're here.....". In we went. The pre-Illuminations music was on and the park was pretty busy with a Friday night Food and Wine party. We got beers at Rose and Crown and listened to The Hat Lady play piano. We finished our beers within enough time to walk back for our ressie.

We sat and ordered our wines (tried the flights). A few minutes later Holly asked Dave if he had the safe key. The answer was no. Dave dashed back to the room, passing The Wyland Gallery. Of course our favorite artist, Dan Mackin, was there doing a meet and greet until ten. Nuts....going to miss it.

Dave gets to the room and sees the suitcases were delivered and the safe wide open. Seconds of panic.... All items accounted for. Phew. He runs back down the five flights and decides he has to meet Dan. Luckily, Dan had a free minute.
Dave made it back to the table and reassured Holly was everything was fine, but confessed to having to meet Dan. After a few minutes Holly took off for the gallery. Our poor waiter.
This was our third time at Flying Fish and the best meal we've had there. We shared an Asian inspired lobster appetizer, Dave had the pork and Holly had the fish special. Dessert was the banana Napoleon and the trio of Boardwalk treats.

So our first two hours were filled with manic and panic. Thank goodness for the relaxing Bellvue Lounge.

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