Monday, November 21, 2011

Stalking a Legend

We left our first day of Food & Wine to go back to the Boardwalk for a quick drink on our room's balcony and a wardrobe change.   We met friends for dinner and drinks at The Grand Floridian.  Cocktails first at Mizner's then dinner at Citricos.  We had a great meal and lots of fun with our friends.  

After dinner we headed off to the Magic Kingdom for Wishes!  Our friends returned home.   We arrived about 10 minutes before the Magic, Memories, and You light show.  We were able to work our way pretty close to the hub.  While this isn't the best night time show we've seen, it's a good way to occupy time while waiting for Wishes! (the fireworks show).
We thought since it was Extra Magic Hours that we'd hit some rides. Other than the TTA it didn't happen.  The park was just crowded. We decided to call it a night and head back to The Boardwalk to enjoy some time at Bellvue Lounge.   

When we got to the lounge it was a bit crowded and most of the folks seemed to have D23 shirts and event tags (D23 is the official Disney fan club).  We realized they just wrapped up the Sip & Stroll event.   To avoid the crowd we went to the outside balcony.   While sitting outside we had a view into the lounge and the corner table.  We looked at the crew in there and then both realized at the same time "that's Bob Gurr".   Oh, and he's with Steven Clark the head of D23.  This is how you know you are a Disney Geek.

Bob Gurr is "the man". He gave the parks a lot of their unique character from the design of the monorails to the cars that run up and down Main Street.  We noticed Bob's drink was empty and he was getting up.  We decided to pounce!  We went back into the lounge and sat at a table that would be in his direct escape route.   He approached and we sprung up.  We talked for a few seconds then asked for a picture.  He was so nice and agreeable.  He took us back to his table and had Steven take our picture.   We talked to Steven (whom offered us a drink but we graciously declined) and danced around why we didn't go the Sip and Stroll Event.  In truth:  It was a 2 day commitment that would have cost us around $400.

Bob left and came back a few minutes later.   Apparently we interrupted an 80 year old man's bathroom break.  Ooops!  We also learned that Bob drinks Side Cars.  Dave didn't get it at first.

We found a couple bar seats were now empty and sat down to enjoy more drinks.  About 15 minutes later Allen, the bartender, comes from the balcony and brings us our park bag containing video camera, Vinylmations, annual passes, pin lanyards, etc.   Yeah we're morons that got caught up in the moment.

Dave's Artsy Photo of the Day 

P.S.  When we got home we found out that Bob was interviewed that week by the Waltcast podcast.  It's an hour conversation with him that's a fun listen.

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