Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pin Trading Update: October Hidden Mickey Pins

Back in August we posted about our love for pin trading in Disney Parks. Pin trading (and vinylmation trading) gives you a chance to have a scavenger hunt every day of your trip. We showed you what pins we were going for in the Hidden Mickey series (you can't buy these: can only get them through trading with castmembers) and we're happy to show you our progress after October's trip.

I'll be using photos from to go over what we were able to collect.

Disney releases Hidden Mickey Pins 2 times a year. These pins were not available in June so this T-shirt collection was new for us. We were able to collect all ten (the Figaro is a variant)
These Figment Warhol-style pins were new this season as well. We got 3 of them.
These new pins were representing the UK Pavilion in Epcot (ignore the stupid princess pin). We got 3 of these in one shot thanks to a Tomorrowland cast member with a pocketful of traders and found the rest a couple days later.

We collected these 40th anniversary pins in June, but they released part two of the series recently and we were able to pick up the rest.
We were one away from our icons set. We found our closer, the sun from Gran Fiesta Tour, in the Mexico Pavilion. We spend a lot of time there because of the good shops and great tequila bar. Management seems to always give the staff there good pins at the start of the day.

We completed our Yeti and Orange Bird collections.

We needed three more DeeBees. Tower of Terror, Chimney Sweep, and Jack Skellington. No luck at all. While playing around on Dave found out why...  These three were only released in Disneyland. Yeah, they do that sorta thing.
We did find pins from two Disneyland sets we wanted.  Dave found the engine to Casey Jr. And Holly found the tiki from the DL icon set.

Good thing we're going back in January to participate in our races, meet up with great friends, and share the in the accomplishment that we've helped to advance research to end breast cancer with Team AllEars.

We'll shamelessly remind you that you can still donate by clicking on the Donate link below.  Please add "Team AllEars - Team Tizzel" in the notes so they know whom sent you.


Don't forget the "Dress Me Like Duffy" Challenge.

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