Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Favorite Things

We found ourselves with some idle time on a recent holiday road trip and came up with the very unoriginal idea of having a "Favorite Things" post.  You can tell by some of our choices we put a lot of thought into it...


Holly picks Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory because it's a great song to take with you on a long run.

Dave picks Enrique Inglesias' I Like How it Feels because of its modern club-anthem feel.  Jersey Shore meets soccer's World Cup

TV Show

We both agree The Amazing Race is still the best TV show on the air.  We'd love to be on this show, but fear the stress of it all would cause of us yell and freak out too much.  Some other shows we like are Modern Family, The Middle, Once Upon a Time, American Idol, and Mad Men.
Movie (animated)
We rarely go to the movies.  This year we saw two animated films and Winnie the Pooh beat Pixar's Car's 2.  The Pooh movie had the charm of the original films, and added an extra layer of humor to entertain non-Pooh purists.   The credits were fun at the end with the stuffed characters acting out scenes of the film.
Movie (non-animated)

The Muppets was awesome!  We grew up watching The Muppet Show and this movie captured all the fun of the original TV show while keeping it fresh for today's audience.  We added a plush Walter (muppet in the blue suit) to our home and he recently entertained many motorist between Illinois and New York.  We'd love to see more of 80's Robot.    

Honorable Mention in this category is The Hangover 2
Here's an example of some Muppet genius:

Video Game

Holly's selection is Disneyland Adventures for Xbox 360.   This game recreates walking around Disneyland.   You interact with characters and move around using the Kinect motion sensor.   While this is good for the games and in the "rides", it's a pain to walk around the environment.   One reason why this is at the top of Holly's list is the Peter Pan's Flight segment.   Players hold their arms out and fly through London As they journey to Never Land.  
Here's a video of it we found on YouTube:

Now for something completely different.  Dave's pick is Assassin's Creed: Revelations.  The series is based in The Renaissance and you play an assassin.  But keep in mind he's a good guy.   In this edition the player gets to explore Istanbul in a rich game environment.  Dave loves the open-ended play and the cool knives and swords.  As a bonus, our version came with the original game, which Dave never played.


No explanation needed:  Holly picks her iPad 2 and Dave picks Holly's old iPad 1 since it's now his.   Having these items have made traveling so much easier.  Dave uses his to backup and edit photos from his cameras.  We can watch preloaded movies, Netflix, and our home DVR by using Slingbox.  Plus, we now have the HDMI adapter so we can watch things bigger when traveling.   

The Kindle is also on the favorite list.   Another device that makes traveling easier since there's no need to bring bulky books on vacation.

Food - Snack

One of our favorite new snacks is Pop Chips.  Very low in calorie and fat, but full of flavor.   They come in many varieties.

Food - Entree

Dave chose the Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin at Flying Fish Cafe (WDW - Boardwalk Resort).

Holly chose her entire 40th birthday dinner at Victoria and Albert's in Disney's Grand Floridian Resort.  The run-down of the food can be found HERE.


We both really like beers from New Glarus Brewing in Wisconsin.   Our neighbors introduced us to one of their fine beers and we've branched out from there.  We agree on the fact that their Coffee Stout is the best product they offer, and unfortunately, they now only offer in the variety pack.  Another favorite of ours (if you've been following along for a few months you'll guess this) is Left Hand's Milk Stout.

Disney Pins

Holly picks The Orange Bird Hidden Mickey set.   She thinks he's cute and it's a nod back to the early days of Disney World.   Dave picks the Casey Jr. Disneyland Hidden Mickey set.  He thinks the ride is a fun piece of Disneyland history and has a hard time finding any of them in WDW.


We don't own Holly's favorite figure yet - hoping to rectify that soon.   Holly likes the Park Series 7 Space Figment.   She loves Journey to Imagination, and Figment.  This was a great choice to include in the Park Series.   Dave enjoys finally owning most of the Star Wars Series 1 set.  The Boba Fett and Lando figures are cool and he'd love to get the Ghost Obi-Wan chaser.

Disney Trinket

Dave picks his retro WDW cocktail glasses from the artist Shag.   Holly picks her Duffy the Disney Bear along with the assortment of outfits.  One day he's partying in Mexico, the next he's playing Buzz Lightyear.

Races (non-Disney)

Obviously Disney races rank in our favorites.   Not just because the races are in-and-themed Disney, but because of what we have gained as members of Team AllEars  Running.   You can't beat making new friends while helping others.

Dave's favorite non-Disney race of the year was the Reggae 10K in Negril, Jamaica.  He's a big reggae fan and getting to have a six mile course with reggae blaring was just pure fun for him.

Holly has picked almost all of her races:  Omaha Marathon for the Personal Record (PR), Boulder Marathon for the beauty and challenge, Chicago Marathon for having a great time running with Team AllEars friends, Reggae Marathon because it was really fun, and WDW 2011 Marathon because she ran with her TAE friends Rhonda and Jessica and got to share in Jessica's first marathon experience. 

We hope you've enjoyed this review of our favorite things.   Be sure to stay tuned over the next week since WDW Marathon Weekend is finally here!  We may have a few unorodox photo posts live from the parks and events and we plan to have at least one update on our final fundrasing total.

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