Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 WDW Marathon Weekend: Chip and Dale Marathon Relay Report and Video

2:30 came way too early this time around.   We got up but Dave wasn’t feeling well and thankfully I convinced him to stay in the room.  Good thing because he got the stomach virus that was going around.    I was a bit panicked as Dave is at all of my races and I was now running late as well.  I made it down the stairs and realized I didn’t have my room key so went back and got that.   I then made it all the way to the car and realized I didn’t have my Drivers License.  I said forget it, I’m too late.  I’m going without it!   I still made it to Epcot no problem and found the team again.  I told everyone the bad news about Dave and we took our team picture and headed to the corrals again.

I was once again running with Jessica, but she was doing the full marathon and I was doing the relay and would have to leave here at 13.1.   We were in Corral C for the full and again we didn’t have a long wait until we were off and running.  More cheers for Team AllEars from Rudy!   We ran into Epcot, which is so cool in the dark with the torches lit around the World Showcase Lagoon.

We stopped for a picture with Panchito ( a caballero).   We quickly left Epcot and made our way up to the Magic Kingdom again.  We stopped for one more picture with the Three Little Pigs!    So cute!

Before we knew it we were through the crowds of people at the Transportation and Ticket Center and back in the Magic Kingdom.  Team AllEars cheered us on again by the castle.    We quickly left the Magic Kingdom today (no picture stops) and soon back on that congested section by "The Poly".   Now it was time for me to turn off.  I gave Jessica a big hug and told her to have fun.   I was so bummed not to be continuing on.  I was having so much fun!   I ran towards the relay exchange point, and my relay partner Jamison was waiting there for me.  A quick touch of the hands and he was off and I was finished and got the cutest medal ever, Chip and Dale.  It was totally worth not doing the marathon for.  

I got my picture with Chip and Dale and then got on bus back to Epcot.   I got totally lost getting back to The Boardwalk (my hotel), and ended up on I4 (the highway:  Off Disney property)!  I had no drivers license, wallet, nothing!  Thankfully Dave, in his sickened state, managed to direct me back.  

It was great weekend of races and I can’t wait to do it again in 2013.  This time I will be back to being Dopey!

Here's the recap video:

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  1. I should have tightened the crop on the Chip and Dale Photo. Makes the area look desolate.