Saturday, January 7, 2012

Team Tizzel Total

We wanted to post sooner, but this has been one BUSY WDW Marathon Weekend.   The Races, expo, meets, and parks have kept us pretty active.

We're proud to show you the following photo:

Dave was in full Duffy outfit for the WDW Fiesta 5k. That means we met our fundraising target of $3,000.   We're excited to tell you Team Tizzel raised over $5,900 with more coming in!  
Thank you all for your support.  With your help this year  Team AllEars raised over $67,000 to help those with breast cancer.  This brings our three year total to over $143,000.  Today's team meet was very emotional and showed us that cancer touches everyone in some way. We are proud to be part of this great running/Disney community.

The 5k was fun and Holly had a great time in today's Half Marathon.   Tomorrow, she'll run half of the marathon in the Chip and Dale Marathon Relay Race.  We'll have more details posted over the next few days.

Thank you all once again!


  1. So very proud of the two of you! Love you in the Duffy outfit, Dave! God Bless You both!!!

    Big hugs,
    Sue & Tom

  2. Thanks guys! More pictures coming. Our team raised over $67,000.

  3. Love the photo and you guys, too. Congratulations on the run and the great fundraising. You're the best.

    Sending a bear hug from Jon & Gail

    1. Thanks Jon and Gail! We had fun that weekend and we are so happy our team raised so much money. Thanks for your support and hope to see you again soon.