Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet Team Tizzel

Holly has been involved in distance running since 2005 when she completed her first marathon in Chicago.  She participates in a variety of races each year including 5ks, half marathons, and fuels marathons.   Her most recent race (at time of writing) was the Soldier Field 10 Mile with a finish on the famous stadium field.  She will participate in her first international marathon in December as a runner in Jamaica's Reggae Marathon.

Holly has been a member of Team AllEars Running since it's inception.  In both 2010 and 2011 Holly has completed the Disney World Goofy Challenge which consists of a half marathon day 1 with a full marathon the next day.  She's tacked on 5k's to the Goofy to complete the unofficial "Dopey" Challenge.  In 2012 Holly will participate in the 5k, half marathon, and marathon relay with AllEars teammate Jamison Reynolds (their relay team name is Team Millennium Fado).  She has also completed one Coast-To-Coast Challenge.

Holly has raised $8,700 over the first two years as a Team AllEars member.

Dave has also been involved in distance running since 2005: as a spectator.  Thanks to marathoning Dave has improved his photography, videography, and knowledge of reading maps.   Dave participates in several 5ks a year as a walker and once finished first in his age group.   His most recent race (at time of writing) was the Woody and Buzz best Friends 5k through  Epcot.  He will participate in his first international race in December as a walker in Jamaica's Reggae 10k.

Dave is a new member of Team AllEars Running.  His mother died from cancer (that started as breast cancer) in 1989. After witnessing the impact of Team AllEars  firsthand he decided it was time he step-up and do more to raise funds and awareness.  In 2012 he will participate in the 5k (hopefully in his full Duffy outfit).  Dave was a guest on the Team AllEars Live Show in April where he discussed his recent open heart surgery,  5ks, and his exercise routine.

Dave has produced several videos for Team AllEars to use for recruitment and fund raising.

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